You can easily add more people or users in the system.

Note - Its only primary admins on the account that can create and manage users. This user is marked with a key-icon on the right hand side. 

When creating a new user, there will not be an automatic e-mail to the e-mail address or username you submitted. You have to give the username and password to the person that is using it.

To create a new user, click on "Organiser settings" in the menu at the top, then select "Managers" and then select "Create New Manager". 

The fields you must fill in to create a new user is:

  • First & Last Name - This may be the name of the person using the user, or it can be something generic such as "Ticket Sales 1"
  • E-Mail - The users' e-mail address. This field is not mandatory. 
  • Phone Number - The users' phone number. This is also not mandatory. 
  • Username - This is the username that will be used to log in to the TicketCo-app or admin pages (i.e. Ticket Sales 1)
  • Password - This is the password you use to log in to the TicketCo-app or admin pages. (This can be changed anytime by the Primary Contact)

Once you have chosen the credentials you then choose the access.

  • Primary Contact - There can only be one primary contact person per organiser account. This is the primary admin of the account. This is the only person who can change and add other users, this is also the user TicketCo contacts if we should have any questions. (recommended not to change)
  • Can access admin pages - If you tick this box, the user will be able to log on to and create/manage events and retrieve reports. 
  • Sales - This box decides if the user is allowed to sell items in the TicketCo-app.
  • Validations - This box decides if the user is allowed to scan tickets with the TicketCo-app.
  • Reports - This box decides if the user can gain access to the reports in the TicketCo-app. (i.e. the accountant)

Remember to send the username and password to the user once created.

If you have any further questions you can contact us on

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