With TicketCo's Time Slot feature you can set up your recurring events in a breeze! But what do you do when the customers start showing up at your door? In this article we'll look at scanning your Time Slot tickets with the TicketCo organiser app for Android and iOS devices.


In TicketCo the QR-code is a unique code that reference a specific ticket in the TicketCo system.

The cool thing about QR-codes is that they are scannable. When you scan this QR-code with the TicketCo app the app will look for that unique code in our systems and let you know wether the ticket is valid or not. It does not matter of the QR-code is on paper or on a screen, but be aware that if the screen is broken or the paper is torn or wet, you might have some issues scanning it. In these cases you can use the reference code for the ticket. More on this below.


There are three ways a customer can present their ticket: 

  • A QR-code on a mobile device
  • From the e-mail
  • From the SMS 
  • Passbook/Wallet ticket 
  • A QR-code on printed ticket 
  • A reference code 

When a customer orders a ticket they will receive a ticket from TicketCo either on e-mail or SMS. The QR-code for the given ticket is clearly visible in the top of the email and is scannable directly from the email on the customers mobile device. The email also contains a PDF attachment very similar to the email. The customer can print this attachment can also be printed on a home printer.

The customer may also have received an SMS from TicketCo. This SMS contains a link to a webpage that displays their ticket. The SMS also contains the reference code for 

To top it off TicketCo also offers a Wallet/Passbook (also available for Android) ticket which can be stored on the customers phone. 

Regardless of how the customer present their QR-code you should be able to scan this to verify the ticket. 


If the customer for some reason do not have their QR-code you can also use the reference code to validate the ticket. This reference code can be found in the SMS, Email and PDF attachment. To do this simply enter the reference code in the bottom of the Validations screen of the TicketCo app app and hit “SEND”. This will in effect be the same as scanning the QR-code.  

A typical scenario for this is if the customer has received the ticket on SMS and do not have a smart phone. In this case the customer will not be able to open the web link in the SMS but you can use the reference code also present in the SMS. 


To scan a ticket:

  • Open the TicketCo app (log in if you are not all ready logged in) and click VALIDATE. 
  • Once the camera has loaded, point the camera at the QR-code and wait for the response. This usually happens in the blink of of an eye.
  • If you are using the reference code, click the bottom of the screen and enter the reference code before hitting Send. 





There are three possible validation responses for Time Slot tickets.


If If you receive a GREEN response screen this means that: 

  • The ticket is valid
  • The ticket is for the same day
  • The time slot the ticket was purchased for has not started


If you receive a ORANGE response screen this means that: 

  • The ticket is valid
  • The ticket is for the same day
  • The time slot the ticket was purchased for has started or has passed 


If you receive a RED response screen this means that: 

  • The ticket is valid
  • The ticket is not for the same day. This can be either a day in the past or a day in the future.


If you receive a GREY response screen this means that: 

  • The ticket has already been checked in


If the customer has purchased multiple ticket in one purchase they might have received what we call a group code.

This is a QR-code or reference code that references a purchase of multiple ticket. You can scan this in the same way as a normal ticket but instead of seeing the normal validation response you will see a screen showing you all tickets in the in purchase.

To complete the validation simply select the tickets you want to check in and then click CHECK IN. If you do not check in all tickets the remaining ticket will still be available for checkin on the same QR- or reference code.

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