Tickets you can not refund yourself: 

  • Tickets sold online 
  • Tickets sold on iZettle *

How to refund tickets

Tickets you can't refund yourself

To refund tickets sold online; contact or use the "Help" button. TicketCo can then refund the tickets back on the card they were purchased with as soon as possible. 

Please include either the email address or ticket reference in your request along with the amount to be refunded.

Tickets you can refund yourself:

  • Free Tickets 
  • Tickets with settlement type in cash 
  • Tickets with settlement type invoice 

In these cases, there will never be payments through TicketCo's system and you will have to handle the refund yourself. You can mark the tickets as refunded in the system so that the reports are correct, the tickets can be resold.

When an organiser reimburses a ticket, it has the following consequences: 

  1. The ticket will be invalid (can not be used) 
  2. Capacity/seat is increased/made available (so others can buy it) 
  3. The ticket is not counted in the report.

To refund a ticket, do the following: 

  1. Log in to the admin page at
  2. Go into the relevant event
  3. Go to the event report tab
  4. Find the tickets by either entering in the search bar or browsing the list at the bottom of the page
  5. Check out the refund box
  6. Touch the refund button at the bottom of the page

Note: Tickets must be checked out before this check box becomes available

The tickets will be refunded and TicketCo's commission will be refunded at the next settlement.

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