Set up the discount

  1. Go to the discounts tab in the main menu.
  2. Select Create New Discount.

This is for internal use only, not what the customer sees. Give it a name like "20% off 5 tickets" so you can easily recognise it. 

This is the type of discount. Set this to Number of Tickets

Number of tickets the customer needs to buy to get the discount

Valid from and Valid to
This determines the time period of when the discount is active. 

Here you choose whether the discount should be given in price or in percentage and how much in £ or % the discount should be. 

Description field is the text displayed on the event page. This should tell the customer how to get a discount and how much the discount is. 

Where should the discount apply?

The last thing you have to do is associate the discount with event and ticket types. You may not want the discount to apply to all sales, but only for specific events and tickets. In this example we have set it up so that the discount only applies to the Friday ticket. 

  1. Search for an event
  2. Check the event 
  3. Check the ticket type. 

You can easily activate the discount for multiple ticket types spread across multiple events.

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