Why embed on Facebook?

With the TicketCo iframe you can embed your sales directly into your Facebook page. Here at TicketCo we like to think that the easier it is to purchase something the more people will do it. If Facebook is a big part of your marketing then letting your customers buy directly from your Facebook page is a smart thing to do right? 

What we'll be doing?

In TicketCo

  1. . Once you have completed the install go to one of your TicketCo events in the admin page. 
  1. Go to "Marketing" and then "Iframes (embedding)" 
  2. Make sure you select the following:
    1. Iframe code for your events
    2. SHOW: Only upcoming
    3. Width: 100%
    4. Height: Here we suggest somewhere around 1400px depending on your number of events. You might need to experiment with this.
    5. Choose what sections to display: Here you can select what information you want the customer to see when they go to your events in your Facebook page.
  3. Click "generate iframe code" and copy the code from the bottom of the page. 

In Facebook

  1. Install the STATIC HTML tab on your Facebook page. Click this link and follow the steps provided.
  2. Once the tab is installed it should show up on your Facebook Page as "Welcome". Click it to see the empty tab. 
  3. Click "edit tab". 
  4. Empty the contents of index.html (see screenshot below) and paste your code in this box
  5. Click "Save and publish". 
  6. Click "View on Facebook". 

You should now see your TicketCo events inside your Facebook page. 

Remember to change the name of the tab from "Welcome" to something more appropriate.

  1.  You can do this by going to your Facebook page and clicking "Settings". 
  2. On the right hand side you will find "Apps". Click it. 
  3. You should now see "Static HTML iframe tabs" on your list of apps. 
  4. Click "edit settings". 
  5. Rename your tab to something like "Tickets" or "Buy tickets now!".

Once you've set the tab name you're done! Got any problems? Did something go wrong or was there something you didn't understand in this tutorial? Don't hesitate to contact us at support@ticketco.no

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